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  1. I find it incredibly ironic that I had never tasted true loneliness until I experienced true love. However, I am a living contradiction, for I covet my privacy and my solitude. There was but one lovely, sweet man, who I not only allowed into my heart and soul but hungered to have in my life forevermore. Alas, ‘happily ever after’ was not meant to be so loneliness will travel with me until I draw my final breath. I wonder if the love was worth the pain…I have to say yes because I would never have given up the former even if I knew the end date with all certainty. Sorry, I seem to be rambling. It is very late here in the USA and my thoughts are tumbling over one another.


    • osarobohenry says:

      Tina, there is nothing to be sorry about. It is always a pleasure to have you here with your awesome comment and support. I think that loneliness is good at times so that one can make some reflections. When one is writing from his or her heart, you will feel the impact. Thank you for your insight. May the Lord’s favor always be with you in all that you do in the name of Jesus Christ.

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