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Jealousy only eats up your beauty

Jealousy Quote: Jealousy only eats up your beauty. Have...

Make a long term plan

Thought for Today: Living Water

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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Living water has been a thought on my mind today. Let us all seek more of His Living Water where His River flows into us so that He can use us to flow out to help others who are in need.

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Two things that are going to last for ever

25 years later, I’m still teaching at Lighthouse

Mustard Seed Budget

lighthouse-christian-schools-then-and-nowI oppose being promoted, even though kids I taught are now colleagues.

Actually, I was principal and owner of a school in Guatemala. But I kept getting out of office work and into the classroom. That’s where the real action is. That’s where people are. That’s where souls are won to Christ. You can have the administration, if you want.

Kids still need love. Where in other schools there’s bullying, we offer a safe place of vibrant acceptance. Where in other schools there’s ONLY college prep, we offer also Heaven prep. Where in other schools there’s ONLY keys to college entrance exams, we offer keys to interpersonal skills and successful marriages and families. We are a family. Where in other schools, a teacher works for his salary, we work for little or no salary. We have a much higher motivation.

It is my lifelong joy to see kids turn from…

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Love is Everything by Ariana Grande

Hope & Love Radio

I Realize this is a Christmas song, but the truth is, love is something that should be given all year round, not just on the holidays… Love is what makes people thrive, Love is what makes people succeed, Love is what makes us happy. So always give love, make sure its unconditional and you will get the love you want in return…

All we need is love,
Love is all we need,
Love underneath the tree,
Love is everything

All we need is love,
Love is all we need,
Let your heart believe,
Love is everything

Give it all cause it’s the season,
Spread lots of joy and lots of cheer,
If you need a cost, if you need a reason,
Its the gift that just won’t disappear, won’t disappear

The truth is,
Your heart is the biggest gift you can give anyone,
I know we can do it cause when…

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Weak people believe in revenge

Squirrel climbing a tree