a tear and a pink rose

pink wild rose

imperial white

red lace rose

red dahlia

Lesson From Dad XXXVIII ! Reality .


My Son .” If you want your future ,

To be different from your past.

There is only one path to achieve that.

First do what is really necessary .

Then do what is really possible,

Before you know it , you will be doing the impossible.”””””””

Jalal Michael sbbagh . Mysuccessisyoursuccess.

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little passion does not hurt

Beautiful flowers

purple petunias


Mum C Writes

There is nothing beautiful on a being
…like clothes of confidence
…in jewelry of humility
…and shoes of ambition

Low confidence in a self
…is poison
…which when left for long
…can kill opportunities
…and dreams

There is no human flaw
…without a brandable window
Self doubt is like bile around liver
…it has its responsibilities
…of balancing passions in ambitions
…and pointing to successful yous
…for your learning zooms

So wear it
…your clothes of confidence
Enhance it
…with jewelry of humilty
…add some cologne of smiles
And face each day
…with its attraction
Pulling awesomeness to you
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 17, 2019

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