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Why Injure The Wounded?

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You ever wonder, Why? We do more killing, injuring of the wounded, and more damage to each other, in the church than all the wars in the history of time. Where is the pure love? What happened to true covenant, even when we disagree?

Why do we hold people hostage to our own judgment, but we want forgiveness of our past? Why do we hold people to standards we can’t even live ourselves? Why do we state, “Please tell me, when I’m wrong.” Then when we receive exhortation, we act indifferent and become offended?

We kill each other with the poison flowing out of our mouths that stems from our hearts. It is because of the pure love deficiency, in the body of Christ. We don’t really love them but we letter them, thus killing them with the letter…Selah

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Faith Arise!

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

I pray your faith rises to the place, where you believe in Yahweh, like Yahweh believes in you. I sense BIG THINGS HAPPENING IN THE SPIRIT REALM OVER YOU, supernatural money, explosion of favor, and God doing the indescribable concerning you…true prophetic.

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