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Snippet of The Day 03.12.17

Good Thoughts For Better Days 

Good Thoughts For Better Days – http://wp.me/pq7F1-2No

Watch “Barcelona vs PSG 6-1 – Goals & Highlights 08/03/2017 HD” on YouTube

Many people have written off Barcelona Football Club right after the first leg of the last 16 teams. 

When the return match started, Barcelona was leading by 3 – 0 and their opponent scored a gole which made it more complicated for Barcelona to qualify. 

During the last 8 minutes for the match to end, the game took a different shape and at the end Barcelona won the match by 6 – 1 which made them to qualify. 

Brethren, it doesn’t matter what you are passing through since there is still the breath of God in you, don’t ever give up until God said it is finish. Always remember that He has the final say in everything. 

Keep on believing, keep on trusting God, let your faith be increased, thank God in every situation and He will show up at the right time. 

…love is the best feeling that comes when you do not expect…


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Buenas noche a todos el mundo,hoy voy a proponer una ensalada que he hecho en casa,rapida,facil da hacer,como una buena ensalada de patatas.Se tarda poco tiempo en prepararlo,tiene un coste bajo,se puede hacer en cualquier dia de la semana.Dicho esto vamos con la receta. INFORMACIONES: Dificultad baja Tiempo total de preparacion…

Baked Spinach, Garlic, and Rosemary Turkey Meatballs

The Lord’s compassion

My Bible Reading, Listening and Living

Reading: Matthew 15:29-39

I am always amazed at the Lord’s compassion.  When great crowds brought to him the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and ‘many others’ (fill in the blank, my friend) and laid them at his feet—Jesus healed them.  Nobody was turned away.  And what a happy sight that would have been—people praising the God of Israel for his wonderful, marvellous, miraculous works!

And yet Jesus’ compassion did not stop at performing miracle healings.  He knew that those same people had been with him for three days already, and they were hungry, and He was worried that they may collapse on the way—oh yes, He gets worried about us even in our most mundane activities!  Awesome!  Previous to this Jesus fed the five thousand (not counting the women and children), and now, another four thousand (again, counting just the men) experienced His miracle of multiplying loaves and…

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Fragile – #DailyHaikuChallenge




Fragile Blossoming

Strength of Purpose Enduring

Chill Adversity


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Day 129 / 365






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