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  1. There are times, dear Henry, when circumstances refuse to let go of you. There are things in life that cannot be scraped away and put into a nice tidy box to be filed away as lessons learned and not to be repeated. Those things should certainly be discarded but there are moments when you are held captive and strive every day to escape or learn to live in a symbiotic relationship with the negative circumstance in order to survive. I truly enjoy these snippets of truth but I do believe that they fall short, at times, of the bigger picture. Thank you for posting it.


    • osarobohenry says:

      You are very right Tina. There is nothing bad in reflecting about the negative aspect of life because we learn alot from them but what is not good is allowing it to take control of our lives. We should allow the negative to be our teacher because there is something that God want us to know or learn from them no matter how serious it might be instead of us being a slave to it. What I do at times when any negative thought come to my mind is that I try to remind myself about the love God has for me to allow me to partake in such negativity and I will thank Him and said despite the fact that the problem is still there, but as far as God is still in His throne and I am still alive, He will surely fulfill His promises. I appreciate your insight. Once again, thanks so much and may God bless you more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.

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