There was a time in my life when the Holy Spirit led me to go and pray for a friend’s mother who was on a sick bed in the hospital. I obeyed and went to pray for her and when I got there, I met the daughter and two of the woman’s sisters and they all joined in the prayer including the woman herself and she was joyful.

But a week and some days after the prayer, the daughter call me and said that her mother has passed on and immediately, I felt a kind of cold feeling. I now say, God why do You sent me to go and pray for her if You know You will take her life. It was now done on me that if He told me to go and pray for her, did He tell me that she will not die? All He wanted me to go and do was to go and pray for her which I have done and it was for her to know Him before passing on.

Many times we want God’s decision to agree with our thought about the message He sent us instead of the message to agree with His decisions. At times, we want to know why God sent us to carry out some instructions. The reason He sent us is not important because all He want us to do is obey. If He said we should jump, we will like to see first if there is a foam being laid down on the other end but unknowingly to us that He that said, jump, is ready to protect every part of our body from injury. Every message He sent us is to elevate us and not to destroy us.

Before He send us on any message, He has equipped us with all we need, to be successful in whatever He has sent us to do because we feel that we are not strong yet to carry out some assignment.

Brethren, right from your mother’s womb, He has been training you. For you to come out from your mother’s womb, do you know how many fight He has empowered you to fight? Do you know how many miscarriage is happening everyday amongst whom you came out successfully? Do you think that it is by share luck or chance that you were able to come out? Absolutely NOT. It is because He has a mission He want you to fulfill so take up the challenge.

If He send us on any assignment, we should not bother ourselves over how the result should look like because He has the power to make it perfect. Let His will be done in every situation.

About osarobohenry

Born again Christian, father, husband, brother, and friend who loves learning and reading more about the goodness, mercy, peace, love, faithfulness and protection of God. A peace lover. I fellowship with Lewsey Pentecostal Church - Luton, United Kingdom .

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