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Something that plagued me for a long time was why there is suffering in the world, especially why people choose to be self-destructive towards themselves and others. I know God is good and yet I often suffered too, in reaction to circumstances beyond my control.

Trying to reconcile the fact that God is good and He loves us, versus “I always seem to get dealt the crappy hand of cards,” was a tough one. I simply asked God “why?” one day and got very still and listened. He told me, “You chose your own suffering.”

That is not even possible! Clearly I am reacting and responding to what is going on around me like any rational human being would. And God simply said, “Stop trying to be rational.”

Talk about watermelon ideas in a pea brain! That is a wisdom download that will short the whole system out. I was…

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Born again christian, father, husband, brother, friend who love learning and reading more about the goodness, mercy, peace, love, faithfulness and protection of God. A peace lover. I fellowship with Prophetic Resurrection Ministry International - London, United kingdom .

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  1. Hello,

    I posted this response on the original writer’s blog that you shared with us but I wanted to post the reply here as well in case you did not see the other. Searching for reasons to our suffering is a natural reaction to unbelievable pain in our lives and I completely understand it and encourage you to continue your search because that journey brings us ever closer to our Creator. Blessings to you my dear, dear, brother in Christ.
    Respectively, I must partially disagree. You have done a fantastic job addressing the consequences of our own choices in this life but you have only skimmed the surface of the “why we suffer” question. You provide great insight into how we humans contribute to our suffering but I do not believe it gets to the core of the question. Inadvertently, your explanation may cause others pain, suffering, and resentment. I completely understand where you are coming from but imagine a parent holding their dying child who has suffered terribly since he/she took its first breath for the past three years. According to your explanation those parents chose to suffer when they chose to have a child and then chose to love that child. I can tell you, that will not sit well, nor will it provide any comfort to those parents or anyone who has to say good-bye to that child. And lets consider the child, itself, what choice has the child made that has caused the suffering it has endured?

    I am not trying to be argumentative or accusatory toward you, for I think you make some very good points; however, there are many painfully deep questions that your philosophy leaves unanswered. I do believe, we as Christians, suffer to a greater amount because we fall upon our faith asking God, “why?” when things happen so heart wrenching in our lives that we cannot comprehend that our loving God would allow such agony. For instance, when we see another born with an ailment that creates lifelong suffering and challenges or when others become victims of another’s choice in this life we think about this question as well. However, we do not ponder the question of , “why?” more fervently than when suffering touches us directly in some manner.

    I have delved into the question of suffering throughout my entire on one level or another from childhood. The stories of a loving God I was being taught did not mesh with the events happening in my life or in the world around me and I could not reconcile why God would hurt the children he was supposed to love so much. I came to a spiritual crisis in my life and I could not accept one more trite one liner from scripture to explain the suffering I was enduring quoted by well-meaning people who did not have a clue as to the subject. I went on my own journey searching for truth and reason throwing myself into research and prayer trying to come to some level of understanding about suffering. I was on that brink where I needed to know the “why” of it all. I prayed with abandon knowing if I could not reconcile this question then I was done. I could endure anything Satan could throw at me as long as I knew that it had a purpose so I was on that ledge pleading with God for understanding.

    This is what I have found that allows me to draw another breath every day while following God’s plan for my life. God does not cause our suffering. Creation is broken and has been broken for a very long time. Some humans contribute to that brokenness over and again while others attempt to bring healing to that brokenness. Everyone blames God for suffering but a large part of that suffering is created by our own choices, which you so eloquently stated. The other piece of the puzzle, Satan. Satan delights in our suffering, he causes our suffering and he revels when he can destroy a child of God. If he can convince us that our Heavenly Father is akin to some Greek god toying with our lives like a puppet master then he has won another soul for his side, which we already know is the losing side. Satan delights immensely when we blame God for our woes because he sits there and watches our faith decay until we surrender. If we are strong enough to endure suffering to our own person then he attacks those we love and rips our hearts out. He has had a long time to figure out what will crush a child of God and he uses his entire bag of tricks; therefore, each time we endure and take that next step in the face of suffering we are pushing another nail in Satan’s coffin. He doesn’t like that. God will equip us with the strength we need to endure whatever we are hit with and when we cannot bear to lift our heads to face more then he will carry us.

    The bottom line, suffering is from Satan and is a direct result of a broken creation. The earth is Satan’s playground and he has reign here until Christ returns, which I pray is soon. Until that day Satan will continue to cause further fractures, decay, and misery into creation. He wants to turn the tide so that his most valuable weapon, a fallen child of God, will spread his poison throughout all of humanity. More damage can be caused by bitter child of God, who has given up on his/her faith and turned their back on the Creator. So, yes, our choices do cause us suffering but please do not stop there because there is so much more going on than the consequences of choices we make.

    I pray God blesses you abundantly and keeps Satan away from your front door.


    • osarobohenry says:

      Thank you so much Tina for making out time to post such an interesting comment. I agree with you completely but all cases are not the same. There are people who cause pains for themselves and even those around them knowingly or unknowingly as they might claim. God love us and His love for us is unconditional. In Joshua 7 the children of Israel went to war against Ai that was more smaller than many countries they have fought with and defeated but because of the sin of Achan, the children of Israel have to flee in the present of their enemy and Joshua and the elders of Israel went on fasting to ask God what has gone wrong and God replied them that one of them was the cause of their defeat. The defeat was not only for Achan but for the entire Israel. In 2 Kings 5 a cause was pronounced upon Gehazi and his descendants including the children yet unborn who new nothing about what he has done, has to suffer because of Greed. There are many like that in the bible and on the earth, there are many cases like that too but not all suffering are being caused by the person passing through such. I am very happy Tina, that you understood me perfectly that my posts are not to cause any hurt but rather to encourage and inspire. God’s blessings and protection to you.

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    • Certainly, I am not offended. God provided us with inquisitive and searching minds that demand we search for answers. I completely agree with you and there are a multitude of old testament examples of God punishing the sins of his children affecting multiple generations. However, Christ was sent to pay for all our sins; therefore, I do not believe God would punish multiple generations today for the sin of one person. That debt has been paid for us. I struggled greatly with the entire concept of paying for the “sins of the Father” and suffering. I have poured over the book of Job over and again trying to understand this entire episode and why God would include it in scripture. I still struggle with it but I have also learned many things from it as well but I will save that for another post. In the old testament, yes, subsequent generations had to pay for the sins of the father. In a way we still do but it is not because God is punishing directly because our father committed some sin. There are always consequences to sin and there will always be a domino effect when a sin is committed and in a manner we are paying for the sin of the other because we were directly or indirectly harmed by another’s sin. The corruption of creation is a prime example of greed, lust, and a hunger for power. Other’s free will/choice may directly or indirectly hurt us making us live with the sin of another like rape, war, abortion, social diseases from casual sex, pollution, etcetera.
      Individuals do make choices that bring suffering to themselves and to others but that is the natural consequence of sin rather than a punishment from God. If God were punishing us for each of our sins then Christ’s sacrifice would have been an empty gesture. However, our suffering is a natural consequence of sin. Poor choices equals suffering but it is due to a broken creation and Satan using Earth as his personal playground that suffering happens to all.


    • osarobohenry says:

      Tina, thank you for your insight. I completely agree with you. I am sorry for my late response. How are you doing? It’s really long I heard from you. Although I was away from blogging, I do read some blog posts without commenting or like. God’s blessings to you and always remember that I care.

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    • HelloThere!

      Do not worry about time passage and response speed. This is a difficult life with so much to do, responsibilities to fulfill, and love to share. When you choose to follow Christ, the demands expand exponentially because so much need exists.

      Likewise, you should also consider giving yourself adequate time to grieve. Losing your brother is a terrible loss and our loving Christ understands that we need to hit the “pause” button in our journeys, occassionally.
      I am walking through a rough patch myself with regards to health so I understand the need to divert your time and energies elsewhere. There is a bumpy path before me but I have finally accepted the task and am ready to go where the Lord needs me to be so that I can connect with others who need me.

      The beauty of being lovers of Christ and fellow bloggers is that we understand the pauses as necessary. How are you and your family? My prayers are with you always, my friend, as you face those steep mountains.


    • osarobohenry says:

      Thank you so much Tina for the understanding. To me and my family, we are fine to the glory of God. For the issue of my brother, it is going to be throughout life because there is thousands of things that we will always use to remember him but with the help of God who is helping us everyday and will continue to help us, we are getting better.


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