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  1. Ahhh, it is the quiet thinkers that should be valued rather than the brash commenters, for one obviously thinks before he or she blurts out their thoughts and opinions. I have found that the ones who shout their beliefs from the roof tops are usually less secure in the validity of those beliefs. No, it is the quiet who have the greatest impact for they study their audiences before they utter a word.


    • osarobohenry says:

      There you come again! Laugh 😆 You are very right. Anytime I read your comment, it makes to think even more deeper than the literal meaning of the post. I am glad to always see you here. Don’t be offended because my response to your comments always come very late not that I really want it that way but due to time factor.


    • Thanks! I am never offended for the pause in response. Life is busy, very busy…so never worry about a delay.


    • osarobohenry says:

      Tina, I appreciate it that you understand. More of God’s blessings to you and yours.

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  2. This is so true of a quiet person. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


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