best love quotes and saying

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  1. pandorasaltereg0 says:

    Yes, so so true. Amen. I have learned this over the past few months. As humans when we love we do not realise that it is so important to understand and accept and appreciate the ones we love for who they truly are. This sounds so simple, but In actuality what happens unintentionally is we try to alter them of their ways. these ways tend to be what we perceive to be negative as they may hurt us during arguments with some of their ways that we try to change. It is difficult but it is so true we do need to focus more on understanding fully with our hearts and stay away from unintentionally changing. I hope my words are not confusing. Overall I love this. Love xx


    • osarobohenry says:

      You are very right and your words are not confusing at all. There will always be a problem in the long run because who we try to change will try to endure for peace to rain and this endurance will not be for a life time because we try to put a garment which does not fit on the right person and after sometime the person will be tired of living another person’s life and he has to look for a way to get freedom. Thanks for your contribution and God’s blessings to you and have a most blessed weekend.

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    • pandorasaltereg0 says:

      Love and blessings to you and family. Have a most amazing, blessed and productive weekend and thank you too much for your words again. Love x


    • osarobohenry says:

      Amen! I am sorry for replying late. I appreciate you support. God’s blessings to you and yours in the name of Jesus Christ 🙂

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  2. mgbemena91 says:

    very true statement indeed.


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