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  1. iithinks says:

    I like this. So true!!


  2. Well said! It’s difficult but not impossible! Lovely post! Blessings!


  3. findingmyinnercourage says:

    Playing catch up on your Blog, seems I missed some. I genuinely love your Blog and quotes. For some reason each quote hits home with me. Keep up the Blogging as I get lost in your Blog. Blessings in abundance my friend!


    • osarobohenry says:

      Amen. All glory to God for His wisdom which He has freely given to us all. I am honored by your awesome comment. May you be bless more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ. I appreciate!!!


  4. Elaine says:

    Amen to that! It’s time to turn the page and go forward, with the Lord to guide us through all the chapters.


    • osarobohenry says:

      Eliane, Thanks for such an insight. Any error which we might have committed, we should start forgetting about it and start remembering those things we did right because we will not come out victorious if we cannot turn the page and move forward. Thanks for all your kind support. May you be bless more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.


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