Most times when God give us a task, we feel we are not competent to handle it. We give reasons why we cannot make it up to Him as He expected us to, we say things like I need more training, I need an adviser, I need to have more experience, fear will set in, we will allow doubt to set in, we will complain about the altitude of others and of course I don’t have the money to push forward will not be left out.

There was a time in the life of Moses, when God sent him to speak to Pharaoh, he gave reasons why Pharaoh cannot obey him even after when God introduced Himself to him. He said, ”Behold, I am of uncircumcised lips and how shall Pharaoh heed me?” – Exodus 6 : 30. He went further to tell him, ”See, I have made you as God to Pharaoh and Aaron your brother shall be your prophet” Exodus 7 : 1. When we allow fear to set in, in anything we have to do, we try to justify our reasons but God did not abandoned him, He still used him.

There was another time he went to complain to God, ”So Moses said to the Lord, why have You afflicted Your servant? And why have I not found favor in Your sight, that You have laid the burden of all these people on me?” – Numbers 11 : 11. Moses did not know what stuff he was made of, he did not know what he was carrying. After much complain about food and the character of the people, God told him, ”Gather to Me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom you know to be the elders of the people and officers over them, bring them to the tabernacle of meeting, that they may stand there with you. Then I will come down and talk with you there, I will take of the Spirit that is upon you and will put the same upon them and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, that you may not bear it alone” – Numbers 11 : 16 – 17.

I believe at this time, Moses now realized what he was carrying because from it, He took and placed on seventy people and Moses was not yet emptied what a Mighty God we serve. He is telling you today as He told Moses that, that situation you look so impossible, that sickness that you feel  cannot be cured, that mission He has told you to start, those people He has given you to shepherd, that calling He has called you, that man or woman He has told you to speak to, that business He has told you to start, that gift you are not sure of, that exam you are afraid of, you should face it because He has equipped you with all that you need to make it a success and come out victorious and He is with you so don’t be afraid.

Life is full of trials in which ever way you might look at it. Let your trust be on Him who has created you in His own image . All you need to do is to come out of your comfort zone and shake off that fear in you and face any problem or situation you found on your way of life. You have been fully armed with all the weapons you need. Those trials you feel is an obstacle, is expected to raise you up and not to bring you down. They are to make you strong. Before an army can go to war, he must first be trained. So those trials are to train you to be strong so that when the blessing now comes, you can handle it.

Father, I thank You for Your faithfulness even when we are not faithful to you, You keep on being faithful to us. Help us to know the value of what You have placed in us. Give us the understanding of the word trust so that we can lay our trust fully on You. Help us to overcome fear. Open our spiritual eyes so that we can see Your glory in the name of Jesus Christ.

About osarobohenry

Born again Christian, father, husband, brother, and friend who loves learning and reading more about the goodness, mercy, peace, love, faithfulness and protection of God. A peace lover. I fellowship with Lewsey Pentecostal Church - Luton, United Kingdom .

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