Thank you Madiba for the fight that brings freedom to South Africans.

Today, 10/12/2013 is a day that will never be forgotten in world history. A day that more than seventy heads of state or presidents met because of one important person. A day the United states President Barack Obama, shook hand with Cuban President Raul Castro, after Bill Clinton shook his hand with the Cuban president Fidel Castro in the year 2000 in the United Nations summit in New York. But in this case, it is not a meeting of the United Nations or any other big organization but a funeral ceremony which no president want to miss because of the great legacy he left behind. How I which the leader of each country can take a very good example of what Mandela has done by fighting not just for his freedom but for the freedom of his own people and not for what he wanted to benefit but just for freedom, freedom and freedom.

About osarobohenry

Born again christian, father, husband, brother, friend who love learning and reading more about the goodness, mercy, peace, love, faithfulness and protection of God. A peace lover. I fellowship with Prophetic Resurrection Ministry International - London, United kingdom .

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